Difference Between Nightguards and Sports guards

The difference between nightguards and sports guards may be more important than you think. Dr. Farzad Feiz and our team at Calabasas Dental Group provide both nightguards and sports guards that protect a patient’s teeth from any number of dangers. So, that’s what they have in common, but what’s the difference?

A nightguard and a sports guard might seem similar, but the two oral devices are anything but interchangeable. Using one to fulfill the role of the other could at best, simply fail to work, and at worst, lead to serious injury. Here’s how it breaks down:


A great many of us suffer from a condition called bruxism, in which we unconsciously grind our teeth, most often while sleeping. A nightguard is intended to separate the upper and lower row of teeth, avoiding the sometimes serious damage as well as mouth and jaw pain that can result from years of tooth grinding. Nightguards are made of rigid and thin materials that are highly protected but and only cover specific surfaces of the user’s teeth.

Sports Guards

Since sports guards are intended to protect the teeth while a person is engaged in an activity where their teeth are more at risk, they tend to be made of softer materials that are intended to absorb impacts from outside the body. A quality sports guard protects the wearer’s entire mouth and thus covers both the gum line and teeth.

Mouthguards and Sports Guards at Calabasas Dental Group and California Dental Care

While over-the-counter versions of both kinds of guards can be purchased at drug and sporting goods stores, it is best to have a guard custom made by an expert dentist. No two sets of teeth are exactly alike and the best guards are as unique as the teeth they protect. Dr. Feiz and his team of outstanding oral health professionals at Calabasas Dental Group are here to provide you with guards designed to protect your teeth, and no one else’s!

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