Bone Grafting

When a tooth is lost, people often assume that the damage is already done, and the seldom think of what will happen to the bone that the tooth was attached to. When a tooth is removed there is a hole in the bone where the tooth was once rooted, and if left untreated, the bone can start to degrade. To prevent this from happening, a bone graft is performed to fill the gap left by the tooth. This type of bone graft, often referred to as a socket graft, involved filling the hole with granular bone material, and then sewing the gums up over the top of it. This helps preserve the evenness of the ridge where the teeth sit so there is no sinking of the gums. Calabasas Dental Group has a team of highly-trained dentists that are ready to help patients with bone grafts and a variety of other dental needs.

In addition to the bone graft procedure, our dental team led by Dr. Farzad Feiz can provide a large array of dental services to our patients. If you are looking for a Calabasas cosmetic dentist, there is no one better to provide you with veneers, crowns, inlays and a host of other cosmetic procedures that will give you a bright and shining smile. And, if your smile needs a complete reboot, we can craft pair of complete and partial dentures. We also offer teeth whitening in Calabasas if you are looking to simply brighten up your smile without getting any complicated work done.

Whether you need a bone graft to smooth over a recently removed tooth, or you need a teeth whitening procedure to brighten up your smile, contact Calabasas Dental Group to schedule an appointment today.

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